Enterosgel 10 Giveaways for your Tummy Happy Face!

This photo competition is your opportunity to win 50£ Holland and Barrett voucher and Enterosgel.

Share photo of your happy tummy using hashtag #enterosgelhappy and win!

The aim of the competition is very simple: to find 10 happiest tummy faces — no other criteria is considered. Although, to be eligible, the participants will have to like our FB, Twitter or Instagram pages and re-share the post about competition.

Our judges will select their favourite 10 pictures to be the winners on 21st of May2018. The 10 winners will receive 50£ Holland and Barrett voucher and Enterosgel. These photographs will also be published online on our website and social media.

Let your imagination run wild be creative!

Tummy Happy Face | For supportive treatment of diarrhoea, allergies and IBS-D