Time to Spring-Clean Your Gut!

A little loving self-care will enable you to spring-clean your body from the inside out and get a head start on summer by reducing belly bloat and IBS-D symptoms.

The warmer, lighter days heralding the passing of winter are a period of new growth and renewal. They’re also traditionally the time to give our houses a good old spring-clean.

Remember how great it feels when your home is spick and span or your car is gleaming? How about if the same could apply to your gut?

Imagine being able to spring-clean your body and feel the lightness and freedom which follow a declutter! In this article, we’ll show you how to put a spring in your step by doing just that – cleansing your gut.

Cleansing the colon for better all-round health

Your digestive system is the route your body uses to expel its waste products. These include toxins, both from the environment and substances produced in the body, as well as undigested parts of food.

Over time, waste can accumulate in your large intestine, or colon, meaning it’s more likely toxins intended for excretion with your faeces will be absorbed back into your bloodstream. It can also impede the absorption of certain nutrients from food.

All this can leave you feeling sluggish and congested, with dull skin and hair and all manner of digestive niggles. Your colon will be like a house that has been allowed to gather dust and dirt.

If you’re living with diarrhoea, constipation, bloating or skin problems, or you feel tired and listless, then your body could benefit from a spring-clean.

Your amazing microbiome

A build-up of waste products creates a toxic environment inside the colon and this is bad news for the diverse population of bacteria living there.

Your digestive bacteria, collectively called your microbiome, are incredibly important not only for your intestinal health but also the health of your entire body. This is because they release signalling chemicals influencing inflammation as well as controlling functions as diverse as blood sugar balance, hormone levels and even your mood.
Many species of bacteria are beneficial to health, but other types can be downright mischievous. If the non-beneficial types become numerous, they make it hard for the friendly types to thrive.

The bacterial species you have living in your gut affect the cells lining the inside of your colon. Unfriendly bacteria can cause your intestinal lining to become inflamed and irritated. The body’s natural reaction is to hasten the intestinal contents along, resulting in diarrhoea, and you may experience the pain and cramps associated with IBS.

Unfriendly bacteria also produce toxins in the course of their daily life. These add to your toxic load and increase the amount of work your liver has to do.

Natural help to spring-clean your gut

Try the following easy cleanse for a week or so and see how your gut thanks you.

  • Eat plenty of whole plant-based foods containing nutrients to reduce inflammation. Fibre is your friend in so many ways. Not only do the friendly bacteria in your microbiome depend on it for food, but it can also sweep away any accumulated waste matter in your colon. Fill up on bacteria-friendly fibre from fruit, vegetables, pulses, beans and seeds. Some people with IBS find fibre causes bloating, so increase it slowly and avoid foods you know will spark off your symptoms.
  • Avoid processed foods, sugar and alcohol. Stay away from gluten grains and dairy, which can irritate your gut lining.
  • Exercise – yoga is great for increasing circulation and so boosting detoxification. Or try rebounding on a trampoline.
  • Grab a long-handled natural bristle brush and lightly brush your dry skin before your shower. Use long sweeps always towards the heart. This is also great for improving circulation.
  • Drink plenty of water, which helps to regulate bowel movements.
    Commit to chewing your food well – digestion begins in the mouth.
  • Try Enterosgel. This contains a natural mineral complex that binds to the toxins produced by pathogenic bacteria and gently escorts them out of the body with your faeces. It can also soothe an irritated intestinal lining while reducing bloating and preventing toxins from being reabsorbed back into your bloodstream. As a bonus, Enterosgel is free from preservatives, sugar, gluten and other additives.

Your gut will thank you!

A little loving self-care will enable you to spring-clean your body from the inside out and get a head start on summer by reducing belly bloat and IBS-D symptoms.

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