Taking Care of You and Your Loved Ones This Fall

The fall season brings school panic, colder weather, flu and bugs, lack of sunlight and many other changes known to take a huge toll on your body. Dealing will all these changes and looking after the immune system of your loved ones will feel like an overwhelming task, especially for someone who is suffering from IBS-D.

In the midst of prepping packed lunches, going to work and coming back to more homework, the gut is likely to be the last thing on one’s mind, or in the case of IBS-D sufferers, the toilet will constantly be on one’s mind, stopping you from fulfilling your full potential.

In the hustle and bustle of the autumn season, the important thing is to set your priorities straight with health at the forefront. If you or your loved one catch a bug or battle with an ongoing condition, it will stop all the other important work in its tracks. Here are some tips on how you can look after your immune system and gut health better this autumn.

Healthy eating

You know how the saying goes – what you put on the inside will show on the outside and have a direct impact on your health and immune system. Nourish your body with good foods, full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Try to maintain a balanced diet with plenty of good carbohydrates and protein to fuel your day. Meal prepping is key to staying on top of your diet this fall and making sure that the whole family is eating nutritious and delicious home-cooked meals. And don’t forget about hygiene – wash your hands regularly and do not forget to bring that hand sanitiser everywhere you go!


Prevention and building up resistance are key to surviving the seasonal blues. Pro-biotics and vitamin supplements are a favourite choice for most households. But how do you choose the right one for you and when should you start taking them? This largely depends on personal preferences and your needs. It is recommended to do a blood test prior to committing to a course of pills just to check what it is that your body is lacking.

However, if you happen to find yourself already poorly, run down with a bug or suffering from a gut issue, give a course of ENTEROSGEL ago. Enterosgel works its magic by binding bacterial toxins and other harmful substances and removing them with the stool. It is proven to reduce stool frequency and duration of diarrhoea.

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Make a plan of action

In the current climate, with a thousand and one things to do and it can be very overwhelming, so try to keep a diary or utilise google calendar to help you prioritise and keep on top of all the tasks you need to do. A little help from Alexa or Google Home never hurt anybody.


Make sure to fit in sleep and relaxation in your busy schedule. Those two are key to maintaining a well-functioning nervous system. Go for long walks to unwind or give yoga and meditation a try to help keep focused and be mindful. Don’t forget to find time to spend with your loved ones or do the activities that bring you joy, whether it be going to the gym or learning French! Remember that anxiety can take a toll not only on your nervous system but on your whole body, and rest is a huge part of recovery and making sure that your body functions well.

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