I found your product advertised in a leaflet about Crohn’s disease and other bowel disorders. I have had gastric reflux disease and functional bowel disease for many years which has worsened. I have taken Proton pump inhibitors for 15 years with only marginal relief of indigestion and chest pressure and pain and of which I am desperate to stop taking as the long term use of these PPI’s has given me stomach polyps. I also believe that the PPI’s actually INCREASE acid production at the end of the day as your body tries to get back to it’s normal level, but they give me short term relief from acid indigestion and stop acid washing my oesophagus which can be cancer causing. I am awaiting a Nissen Fundoplication at St Thomas’ Hospital, London scheduled for sometime this summer. I have tried to live without the surgery but my symptoms are getting worse. I have also started having quite extreme reactions to eating certain foods. The only thing that I have found that has EVER given me any relief in all those years is Enterosgel. I can tell that I am going to feel very bad, I take the gel and I get relief in about 10 minutes. It is a miracle to me. It also gives me almost 100 percent relief from severe indigestion within about 10 minutes. ALSO my husband who has diabetes and hypercholesterolaemia would like to start taking a course of Enterosgel after reading your information that it can help lower cholesterol levels. I believe this product could take the medical world by storm…, where is exactly where it should be as it is the most amazing and useful “medicine”. I have never come across a product that claims to do so much and does what I needed it for so wonderfully and if I hadn’t been desperate enough to try anything and pay anything and then experienced it’s amazing qualities for myself I would have dismissed it as another con job. Enterosgel IS amazing in my experience with it and should be made available to everyone that could benefit from its help in taking a harmless “medicine” that works and maybe come off medical drugs that cause their own problems in the body and often do not work. I am a complete convert and think taking Enterosgel could transform my life but terribly I cannot afford to use your product other than occasionally.
With Kindest Regards Julie Lhermette
When our whole family came down with the Norovirus – also known as the winter vomiting bug – earlier this year, it was dreadful. My three-year-old daughters got it first and spent an entire day throwing up on most surfaces in the house. My washing machine never stopped. I got it two days later and lay motionless on my bed for around 8 hours, only moving to crawl across the bedroom floor and vomit in the bathroom. My husband Robin escaped lightly with only a few hours of sickness. It was after this episode that someone told me about Enterosgel. I read up about it – because I’m always cautious about giving my children any unnecessary ‘medicine’ and was happy that it was absolutely safe for them to take. I diluted it in some weak juice because they can be fussy about new flavours but as the gel is tasteless, they had no idea. I gave it to them daily for about a fortnight afterwards. They were over the stomach bug in a matter of days and their appetites were back quickly. But a surprising side-effect occurred. Both my twins have suffered from mild eczema since the age of about 6 months and over that two weeks, Martha’s disappeared completely. She hasn’t had it since. At first I didn’t put two and two together and thought she had simply grown out of it, especially as Charlotte does still suffer from it occasionally. But there may well be a link between the Enterosgel and her clear skin. I’ve now got another tube in my first aid cabinet next time a stomach bug or illness strikes.
Jill Flavell, 41, is mother to twins Charlotte and Martha, three
I took Enterosgel with me on a family trip to China in April and it was invaluable. Within a few days of being there I started to get an upset stomach, probably because of the change in food. I have travelled extensively and, like many people, it is not unusual for me to suffer from stomach problems whilst away, even to the extent of having to take antibiotics. This time I took two doses of Enterosgel and the following morning I was pretty much back to normal and able to enjoy myholiday with my children. continued taking Enterosgel and the rest of my holiday was trouble free.
Sophia Steel, a mother of three from West London
I would like to share my unbelievable recovery from IBS and allergy using Enterosgel. I was diagnosed last year with IBS and urticaria. As a physical and nutritional practitioner I was devastated. I had swollen skin and red face like a lobster in addition to regular diarrhoea. I have been through a lot of medical tests, elimination diets, but no medicine or advise seemed to help. The way I looked and felt had a huge negative impact on my work and personal life. Very hopeless I came to Allergy show in London. I was a bit sceptical about Enterosgel but I convinced myself that I can’t loose anything by trying it. From the first day my diarrhoea and indigestion symptoms, that I have experienced for years, noticeably reduced. In couple of weeks time I noticed big difference in my skin and health. And a month later I had no symptoms of IBS or allergy. I am now a year later, married and pregnant, eating the food I like without having allergic reactions, indigestion and diarrhoea. Thanks to Enterosgel I have a happy family and professional life. Enterosgel takes care of my gut and skin and helps many of my patients. Many thanks to the scientists for creating this fantastic mineral gel that works!
Kind regards Sunny Skorik Physical therapist
Whenever I get any digestive discomfort I use the Enterosgel and get immediate relief from it. It really does work like magic and recommend it to all my clients, friends and family. I love how it is 100% natural and so effective. Julie Silver, Nutritional Therapist & Author of Food Awakening www.juliesilver.co.uk
Julia Silver Nutritional Therapist & Author of Food Awakening
In 2012, after a particular stressful period in my life, I developed eczema patches on my face. I have always suffered from problems with loose stools, and bloating. I lived with them, but then they too started to get worse, I also developed quite nasty reflux, heartburn and upper GI pain, and I felt sick and bloated. Night times were difficult and I had trouble sleeping because of the discomfort. I suffered from painful hives, which would appear and disappear almost at random and made me very self-conscious. ‘Altogether I was really struggling with a set of various gastric symptoms, none of which seemed to show any sign of improving, I lost 10kg weight, leaving me with low energy and significantly reduced quality of life. My GP said that the usual prescription for my symptoms was to take a PPI and anti inflammatories, I was reluctant to take these because of side effects. ‘Over the next few months I went through a series of tests, which indicated potential Gastritis/ ulcers and IBD, so my GP referred me to a gastroenterologist. ‘During this time I read about Enterosgel on a GI support forum, I started taking it 3-4 times a day in March 2015. Within a week I started to get less gastric discomfort, and then I realised that I hadn’t had any hives. My reflux and heart burn and upper abdomen pain were improving and as a result I was sleeping better at night. In addition the Enterosgel reduced my diarrhoea, enabling more nutrients to be absorbed as well as reducing inflammation in my large intestine. This was confirmed by my Calprotectin levels which reduced from 60 In March to 15 in June which is pretty much normal. Overall my quality of life is hugely improved and with the help of Enterosgel I am managing my symptoms quite well. The gastroscopy also confirmed that there was currently no inflammation in the stomach, this was consistent with my stomach related symptoms having improved. I have no doubt that Enterosgel has played a significant role in my improvements. Enterosgel had been so effective for me and I am glad this innovative drug-free gel is available as an over-the-counter treatment from pharmacies and health-stores andI hope it will help millions of people.
Ara, 54 , is a physical therapist from Henley on Thames
We started using Enterosgel for our daughter who has severe gut and allergy issues a while ago. At first, like everything else we try, we had to only give small amounts. We are now up to two teaspoons per day of this product (still a bit less than the amount recommended) and are seeing a great improvement in her skin. She is also beginning to sleep through the night a little bit better. We are looking forward to seeing how she will be on the full dose. Watch this space!
Both myself & my daughter used the gel & were really impressed. The effect was immediate & symptoms just disappeared. Wish I had discovered it before now.
Many thanks Vanessa
Poor hygiene in many overseas holiday resorts and destinations means that unfortunately, stomachproblems are common occurrence for British travellers. Up until now there have only been a few treatments for the symptoms and most of them have unpleasant side effects and are unsuitable for small children and babies. So it is fantastic to see a new product, available over the counter, which not only can provide relief from the symptoms of travellers tummy for the whole family, but can also help to remove dangerous toxins and bacteria from the body. Whilst good standards of hygiene are a prerequisite to safe holidays, Enterosgel should be in every traveller’s first aid kit.
Dr Lisa Ackerley, leading travel hygiene expert and Professorial Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health
I travelled to Poland last week and so I picked up the Enterosgel. I ate in a restaurant, that I am sure in ingested gluten, so once I was back at the room I took it, the next day I didn’t suffer with the severe symptoms I normally get, plus I then took it again in advance of going out for food and I was amazed as to not be suffering. For me this product is fantastic and almost my savour! I have recommended it to a friend who also cannot have gluten, so hopefully it will work for her too. Thanks you so much for introducing such an amazing product, especially for us coeliacs who there is no cure for, but at least we can now use this product to help the symptoms if we get glutened. I will share it on facebook to help promote this for you. Thank you once again.

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