5 Tips and Tricks to Beat the Hangover This Festive Season

We bring you 5 tips and tricks that will change your life and make you forget what the word hangover means!

Every December the festive season brings endless joy, presents, food and alcohol… and lots of it too! The average UK adult is bound to overindulge and overdo it at some point during the celebrations period and whilst there is no harm in enjoying that swaying tipsy feeling, how do you get up the next morning […]

The nutritionist’s guide to combatting festive overindulgence

Nutritionist Kym Lang suggests some ways to practice mindful eating this Christmas period. While indulgent festive feasting is one of the joys associated with Christmas, it can take a toll on the tummy in all sorts of ways – most visibly, through bloating and stomach distention while, often, pain, wind and constipation will also come […]