How to Get the Right Support & Advice When Living with IBS

If you suspect you might have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and google your symptoms, you may get conflicting information from a variety of sources across the internet about how to live with this chronic condition. This is because the main cause is unknown and advice on how to manage your IBS condition may vary from […]

Gut Focused Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By Professor Peter J Whorwell Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS) does not have a single cause and results from a number of factors acting in combination to bring about symptoms. These include abnormal muscular activity of the gut, increased sensitivity of the lining of the bowel, imbalance of the gut bacteria, psychological issues and food intolerances. […]

Take the BS Out of IBS by Kym Lang

IBS can be incredibly frustrating to live with and the symptoms will vary from person to person.

If you have IBS, or suspect you do, you might feel confused about what to eat or worried you’ll never get better. IBS can be incredibly frustrating to live with and the symptoms will vary from person to person. It’s a widely written about topic, but advice on how to effectively manage and live with the condition can cause confusion; and what works for one, may not work for another.

IBS Warriors of Instagram

IBS is a health condition that can feel very isolating. Many people who are affected note that their social life suffered dramatically since they started to experience symptoms. Turning down invitations to events and gatherings, feeling embarrassed talking about the diagnosis, while generally not feeling like your old self all play their part. Despite it […]

Don’t let IBS get in the way of your Christmas celebrations

Enterosgel nutritionist Kym Lang explains IBS triggers to watch out for over the Christmas period, with tips to keep your symptoms under control so you can enjoy the festivities. Kym Lang BSc, registered nutritional therapist at pip nutrition Kym is an experienced nutritional therapist with a busy London digestive health practice. She helps people with […]

The Healthy Gut Kitchen: Traditional Christmas Feast with a low FODMAP twist

Catering for sensitive stomachs around Christmas time can be a challenge – everyone deserves a treat, but not the resulting payback in the form of cramps, bloated tummy and other ‘joys’ of IBS flare ups. If you are still in search for tasty things to put on your Christmas table – you’ve come to the […]

IBS-Detox 10 Top Tips

Struggle with traditional festive food? IBS-Detox 10 Top Tips To Help You Cope With The 12 Days Of Christmas! With food playing a central role in most festive celebrations, Christmas can be a difficult time for IBS-D sufferers. Follow these 10 simple steps to ‘go with your gut’ this Festive season… 1. Keep Calm! A new survey from Enterosgel® […]

Top 10 foods to eat to beat the bloat

Today we will talk more about what food we should eat to prevent bloating or when it is already happening because let’s admit… for most of us, even when we feel like we have swallowed a balloon, the hunger doesn’t go anywhere. So what food should I eat when I feel bloated? Here is our […]