Taking Care of You and Your Loved Ones This Fall

The fall season brings school panic, colder weather, flu and bugs, lack of sunlight and many other changes known to take a huge toll on your body. Dealing will all these changes and looking after the immune system of your loved ones will feel like an overwhelming task, especially for someone who is suffering from […]

How to Get the Right Support & Advice When Living with IBS

If you suspect you might have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and google your symptoms, you may get conflicting information from a variety of sources across the internet about how to live with this chronic condition. This is because the main cause is unknown and advice on how to manage your IBS condition may vary from […]

6 Happy Tummy Tricks for Travelling by Kym Lang

To ensure that tummy troubles don’t ruin your trip, here are my top tips about how to take care of your stomach while travelling, allowing you the restful holiday you deserve:

Long-haul holidays are full of fun: blue skies, beaches and fantastic food. Aside from all the joys that a holiday can bring, research shows that at least 20% of travellers are struck down with the dreaded traveller’s tummy, which can leave you confined to your hotel room and not having much fun at all.

IBS Warriors of Instagram

IBS is a health condition that can feel very isolating. Many people who are affected note that their social life suffered dramatically since they started to experience symptoms. Turning down invitations to events and gatherings, feeling embarrassed talking about the diagnosis, while generally not feeling like your old self all play their part. Despite it […]