Enterosgel Customers' Reviews

A product that works! After nearly 9 weeks of misery with no suggestions of a cure from any of the GPs in my surgery I turned to the internet and found Enterosgel. I ordered the product which arrived really quickly and two days later my nightmare was over the dreaded diahorea had stopped. My husband was so sure it would be another waste of money another of these companies who promised a cure which didn’t happen. But he is so amazed at the change in me —colour is back in my face, eyes are bright, and I’m sleeping at night. I’m enjoying my food again and am going out without worrying about getting caught out, and not carrying a wardrobe of clothes in the boot of the car for accidents. Thank you for an amazing product, just wish it was a bit cheaper but you have sent me some special offers which I was glad to use.
This product seems to be working for my post-infective IBS-C, despite the indications for its use in IBS-D. Pain and bloating improved as well as a return to normal bowel function. Had tried all allopathic treatments over the past seven years, including other alternative ones, to no avail, until now.Very grateful to the director of research for her very useful advice and support.
This is a product I could not be without I prefer to use this over using Immodium as it is a natural product. I have been taking it for about a year on and off and would not be without it for IBS-D it has given me back some confidence when going out. I have had this condition for over 30 years and tried lots of different products over time.
First thing I have tried that has improved my symptoms. Not eliminated it totally but really helps manage them.
Enterosgel has really helped with my IBS diarrhoea. I have been feeling much much better. My symptoms occur less often and are easier to cope with now. The only thing is I am still taking it 3 times a day. ( bit expensive!)
Hi I have suffered with ibs D for a number of years and during that time have tried many different medicines to try and combat the diarrhoea , and have to say that loperamide did help somewhat but not every time. So I came across an article about enterosgel and thought I’d give it a go .
That was 21days ago and for the first 19 days it was fantastic. No diarrhoea. On the 20th day I had an episode of diarrhoea , probably due to something I ate. At the moment all good again. I will now have 3 days off it and then go back on to enterosgel, this time twice daily.
I feel that I am getting to live my life as it used to be, that is without thinking of diarrhoea and all that goes with it every minute of my day. Yes probably I will have episodes in future but hopefully not every day, Yes it is expensive but worth every penny to me to live a less stressful life
Any issues are pre empted with no unnecessary worries for me.
My wife has a more comfortable lifestyle thanks to Enteresgel and providers. A heartfelt thankyou.
Enterosgel is the only treatment that has helped my IBS.
Enterosgel is amazing, my wife has suffered from IBS for a few years and she has had to endure all the restrictions that this awful complaint brings, from the moment she took the first dose of the gel her life completely changed and she thankfully, no longer suffer from IBS symptoms. If you suffer from IBS, you must try Enterosgel. The only slight negative point is that if you take it regularly, it can be a bit expensive but worth the price.
I’ve been embarrassed to talk about my IBS. It’s plagued me for over 10 years. I stopped going out, doing activities I enjoyed for fear of not being close to a toilet. I used to carry 5 different medication to feel comfortable to leave my house. Within 5 days of treatment with Enterosgel I was feeling better! I could cry I was so happy! I was in the darkest point of my life and now I think I am starting to live my life again!
Lisa, 38, from Surrey
Game-changer for IBS-D. The only product that has given back my daughter's life after years of IBS symptoms likely due to overgrowth of toxins/bacteria. Enterosgel has literally been the only 'supplement' she takes for her IBS along with enteric peppermint capsules. It's now been 3 years. No more medications unless there is a major flare which is quite rare now. She only takes one dose a day and sometimes we skip some days. Unfortunately, it is not sold in the US which is aggravating for reorders and also disappointing. Enterosgel has been amazing for her quality of life. So much so, that I showed her Gastroenterologist the tube at a major children's hospital in Boston where she is a patient and he was intrigued and has started to pass along its information for his other patients. He was amazed and thrilled that a simple product such as this has turned her life around when no amount of antibiotics, stomach relievers, and antispasmodics could not. With Enterosgel she is no longer 'lactose intolerant' or has difficulty processing food. Please push for clearance in the US. I believe those who suffer with IBS-D, mixed or Post-infectious IBS would be incredibly relieved.
Lifesaver for parents when your little one has a tummy bug. This is my go to product when my son has a tummy bug which he usually picks up at nursery. My son has very fussy taste buds and I find it so hard to give him any medication. I simply mix this gel with his juice and there is no problem. Enterosgel is a lifesaver it means my son is back in nursery sooner which means me or my husband don’t have to take the day off work. We’ve been using this product for years and didn’t realise there was a kids version. Would definitely recommend to other parents!
Diagnosed with coeliac, I use Enterosgel as a rescue remedy if I get an upset stomach. I am able to enjoy myself instead of feeling self-conscious. Its like a small miracle! It’s great to know that if the worst happens I have something I can take which is not another medicine and completely drugfree.
Amanda, 30, from Dorset
This product is a life saver. I have lots of food intolerances making my daily intake of food an absolute nightmare. It stops any bloating and pain I get, and stops me needing as many #2’s. I have a tea-spoon full of the gel either 30 mins before food (if I remember) or afterwards as soon as I start feeling bloaty – it works instantly. I only have a tea spoon full 2-3 times daily, as too much has made me feel blocked up. Sorry for the in-depth info but I guess it might help someone out there! This size has lasted me over 2 weeks. Will continue to use, probably forever. Who cares about any long-term effects (if there are any) – I can eat cheese! Hurrah! It’s a miracle!
I have suffered with ibs-d for over 2 years and came across Enterosgel 3 months ago and have never looked back. This works wonders at settling the pains and cramps you get from IBS, nothing else makes your gut feel as calm and settled. I have tried alot of other remedies and spent a small fortune on mebeverine, imodium and countless probiotics that claim it helps restore the gut (it didn’t with me!) Virtually tasteless when mixed with water so very easy to take, it flushes out the bad in a natural way leaving the good exactly where it should be.
I suffer from ongoing IBS symptoms and was recommended this by a Russian friend. I honestly never expected it to work, however it settled my upset stomach almost instantly. The packaging and branding is really weird and the back story of how it was developed is also funny…but don’t let that put you off! I did a full week course in June for an intensive ‘cleanse’. It did make me constipated for a few days, however it eventually returns to normal with no issues – definitely drink a lot of water. Now I recommend Enterosgel to all friends / colleagues / strangers who have similar digestive issues.
About to do my second week (2 months later) as I think doing regularly might help my gut keep on top of things. Of course, please consult your doctor before taking my review into account!