Enterosgel 90g Kids Design – Diarrhoea Relief for Children

Enterosgel Enterosgel 90g Kids Design is a safe and effective treatment for kids with short-term diarrhoea, suitable for ages 0 yr+. Great to take with you on holiday to help stop those tummy troubles, as the whole family can use it.

The product is a gel that you can easily mix with water or an oral rehydration salt solution, and because the gel has no taste, kids will tolerate it well. Taking with oral rehydration solution (ORS) is a great option for kids with diarrhoea, as Enterosgel reduces the duration of the diarrhoea, and the ORS helps to prevent them from getting dehydrated.

Enterosgel Enterosgel 90g Kids Design is completely non-allergenic and contains no preservatives, additives, plant or animal-derived ingredients. It is a safe treatment as the body does not adsorb it. It just works in the gut, physically binding to bacterial toxins, viruses and other harmful substances that can cause diarrhoea and removing them from your body in the stool.


How Enterosgel Works

A 2019 laboratory-based UK study demonstrated that Enterosgel can adsorb (bind) bacterial toxins and bile acids which could help treat tummy bugs and IBS.

The study tested the adsorption of bacterial toxins released from Clostridium difficile, Shigella and E.coli, which can cause inflammation and damage to the mucosal cells lining the colon resulting in diarrhoea.

The results showed that Enterosgel has substantial adsorption or binding capacity for these bacterial toxins and to a lesser extent the most common bile acids.

Also, the study supports previous investigations which have shown that Enterosgel can adsorb harmful substances and common viruses which can cause gastrointestinal disorders and diarrhoea.

Customer’s Reviews

I bought this product after my son had a bad case of diarrhoea. After 2 days I noticed an improvement and he was back to his normal self. You just mix the gel with water and drink . It says its taste free and my son who has fussy taste buds, didn’t even notice I mixed something into his water. Highly recommend, I am stocking up on more for our holiday this month!


This is my go to product when my son has a tummy bug which he usually picks up at nursery. My son has very fussy taste buds and I find it so hard to give him any medication. I simply mix this gel with his juice and there is no problem. Enterosgel Kids is a lifesaver it means my son is back in nursery sooner which means me or my husband don’t have to take the day off work. We’ve been using this product for years and didn’t realise there was a kids version. Would definitely recommend to other parents!

For the first time in over 8 years I have had normal bowel movements and I have only been using it for two weeks but the difference is just simply amazing. Thank you so so much. I can now lead a normal life I hope and pray it continues to work for me.

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