Enterosgel Tube 225g - IBS-D Treatment | Acute Diarrhoea Relief

A 225g tube is enough for 5 days of treatment for an adult, taken orally 15g x 3 times a day.

Enterosgel is easy to take, diluted in water, it has no taste or colour. This is the right package for a course of prophylactic detoxification, for the treatment of viral or bacterial diarrhoea.

For the course of IBS treatment 4 tubes are required for 3 weeks of treatment, taken 15g x 3 times a day.

For treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, 1-4 tubes of Enterosgel are required depending on the duration of the treatment from 1-3 weeks 15g x 3 times a day.

Duration of treatment with ENTEROSGEL®: 3–5 days for acute diarrhoea and up to 21 days for chronic IBS diarrhoea diagnosed by a doctor.

The tube 225g on average is for 5-days treatment for adults.