AVAILABLE in Tube 225g, Tube 90g and Sachets pack (10*15g)

Enterosgel Tube 225g


Tube 225g is enough for 5 days treatment of adult, taken orally 15g 3 times a day. Enterosgel is easy to take, diluted in water, it has no taste or colour. This is the right package for a course of prophylactic detoxification, for treatment of viral or bacterial diarrhoea. For the course of IBS treatment 7 tubes are required for 3 weeks of treatment, taken 22.5g 3 times a day. For treatment of allergies with gastrointestinal disorders 1-4 tubes of Enterosgel required depending of the duration of the treatment 1-3 weeks 15 g 3 times a day.  Please, keep the tube closed to avoid drying. Do not freeze, shake well before use. Enterosgel is non-allergenic and free from preservatives.

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Enterosgel is non-allergenic and free from preservatives.


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