How to Get the Right Support & Advice When Living with IBS

If you suspect you might have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and google your symptoms, you may get conflicting information from a variety of sources across the internet about how to live with this chronic condition. This is because the main cause is unknown and advice on how to manage your IBS condition may vary from person to person.

In general, flare ups can be caused by eating certain foods and stress and can last for a day or so, to several weeks or even months, and symptoms include bloating, stomach aches, diarrhoea and constipation and this can happen at any point in the day.

For many, this makes IBS a frustrating and isolating condition, which can cause embarrassment and lead to a lack of confidence. It can also mean that performing everyday tasks such as commuting to work, attending social events and other day to day tasks can be incredibly daunting and challenging.

myIBS is a FREE support programme from talkhealth, which has been written by medical experts to help with managing symptoms. It contains 12 weeks of topic-based information, all emailed to you on a weekly basis covering aspects of the condition such as:

  • Symptoms and triggers
  • Irritants
  • Tests
  • Diet advice
  • The psychological impact of living with IBS, and more

The programme also includes guidance on questions for you to ask your doctor.

What can I do to help myself with IBS?

One of the most popular weeks of the programme is ‘what can I do to help myself?’ which includes helpful tips on how to self-management. Topics covered within this section include:

  • Health & diet tips for IBS – what foods to avoid and what can help calm your IBS
  • IBS does & don’ts – containing a comprehensive list of what can help or hinder your condition
  • Keeping a diary – a helpful reminder to make a note of your food and drink and day to day activities tosee if you notice any trigger patterns
  • Lifestyle advice – general guidance to help you live your best life with IBS
  • Medication & additional support – information about medication and additional support options if you require further assistance with your IBS condition

What are people saying about my IBS?

In a recent survey, 64% of participants said the programme would be helpful for those with IBS and 63% would recommend the programme.

When asked if the programme had increased their knowledge of IBS, 53% said yes, 58% stated that they found information on the programme they would have otherwise had to source from a GP and 50% said the programme encouraged them to have a more informed conversation with their doctor about their condition.


Check out our five-star reviews from people who have completed the free programme:

“An excellent programme for anyone with IBS. It can be such a debilitating condition to live with and this programme, not only helps you realise that you’re not alone but, gives so many useful strategies to help you deal with it.
Particularly useful is the list of questions to ask your health professional; leading to useful conversations about how to move your treatment forwards.
I would definitely recommend this programme.” (Alison – May 19 – 5*)

“Good practical advice in an easy to read format. No scare mongering. Great links to other sites for help and information.” (Astrid – Mar 19 – 5*)

“I found it really helpful, a different topic each week which wasn’t too long to read so could be easily made time for. Very informative, more information than I have ever received from my doctor! Nice to know I am not alone too as the mental impact of IBS is just as bad as the physical.” (Carly – Feb 19 – 5*)

You can learn more about myIBS on our support programmes page and, as many of our members already know, our talkibs forum is always open so that you can discuss and share personal experiences about your condition, and offer support to others who are coping with the very real physical and emotional issues surrounding IBS. So, you don’t have to feel alone with your condition.

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