5 Tips and Tricks to Beat the Hangover This Festive Season

We bring you 5 tips and tricks that will change your life and make you forget what the word hangover means!

Every December the festive season brings endless joy, presents, food and alcohol… and lots of it too! The average UK adult is bound to overindulge and overdo it at some point during the celebrations period and whilst there is no harm in enjoying that swaying tipsy feeling, how do you get up the next morning to play with your kids or go for lunch with your mother-in-law? We bring you 5 tips and tricks that will change your life and make you forget what the word hangover means!


Did you know that there is a science to drinking? You can actually pick and choose what you consume and some of your favourites might be the drinks with higher congener levels, meaning your hangover is likely to be far worse than that of your colleague, who’s beverage choice is different. Numerous studies have found that consuming drinks with a high congener content could increase the frequency and severity of a hangover. Congeners may also slow the metabolism of alcohol and cause prolonged symptoms.

Drinks that are low in congeners include vodka, gin and rum, with vodka containing almost no congeners at all. On the other hand, tequila, whiskey and cognac are all high in congeners, with bourbon whiskey containing the highest amount. You might want to rethink your favourite drink choice next time you are out!


Another one of the rules that you should consider when consuming alcohol is your choice of mixers! Yes, that can make a huge difference on your hangover – thank us later! Sweet, bubbly, sugary, and all things fizzy mixers are the worst according to studies.

It appears that carbonation can actually make you more drunk (and, presumably, give you worse hangovers). A study found that when participants drank vodka mixed with soda, their blood alcohol levels were higher, more quickly, than those who drank straight vodka or vodka mixed with water. Replace your Coca-Cola with cranberry juice and enjoy the next day without a hangover!


‘Don’t drink on an empty stomach!’- you must be tired of hearing this being repeated over and over again… but hear us out! It is important to line your stomach if you want to avoid a hangover and soothe yourself the next day. Some foods are scientifically backed up to help alleviate symptoms of hangover. Avocado, bacon and eggs all have a high fatty content that helps speed up the alcohol metabolism, whilst bread, bananas and other carbohydrates help break down the alcohol faster, thus literally ‘soaking it up’. No wonder we always feel better after our large hangover breakfast! If you are concerned for your figure or about eating too much fatty food, antioxidants found in berries, cherries, nuts and seeds can make a great smoothie and a perfect hangover-proof alternative.


A simpler way of getting back on track is to take Enterosgel! This hydrogel (simply taken in your morning glass of water – or if you are prepared, just before bed) adsorbs some toxic and harmful substances released from bacteria in the gut. Enterosgel is proven to remove bacterial toxins released from Clostridium difficile, Shigella and E. coli – common bad bacteria loitering in your gut! This will stop any episode of the runs that you might experience after over-indulging on alcohol the night before…


We know that horrible hangover feeling that overtakes us and all we want to do is cuddle up in bed with a good movie and closed blinds. But experts say that if you do manage to find the strength to get up, having a cold shower, getting dressed and catching some fresh air would do you a world of good. Taking a nice stroll in a park or even taking your pet for a quick walk is exercising, will release endorphins- the happy hormones which will lift your mood! In addition, the fresh air will help improve your blood pressure and heart rate.

So those were our five top tips to a hangover-free festive season! Obviously, everybody is different, but these tricks have been tried and tested on many! Let us know if any of them worked for you or if you have some of your own tricks that you wish to share!

We hope that you have a Lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don’t forget to drink responsibly and here is the link to the official NHS App that helps you track your units and sets daily limits- another great hangover preventative that keeps you accountable!

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