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ENTEROSGEL® passes along the gut, binding to bacterial toxins, immune chemicals and other harmful substances which can cause your symptoms, expelling them from the body via the stool.

ENTEROSGEL® is a safe and effective treatment for IBS diarrhoea and for short-term diarrhoea (travellers’ diarrhoea, tummy bugs) in children and adults.

IBS with diarrhoea


Abdominal pain



Acute diarrhoea


Traveller’s diarrhoea

Stomach bugs

ENTEROSGEL® is available as 90g tubes, 225g tubes, a KIDS tube (90g) and travel friendly 10x15g sachets

For Pharmacists

ENTEROSGEL® is available to order from all major wholesalers: AAH, Alliance Healthcare, CLF, Dundeis, Jumla, Lexon and Sigma Pharmceuticals.

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