The Healthy Gut Kitchen: Traditional Christmas Feast with a low FODMAP twist

Catering for sensitive stomachs around Christmas time can be a challenge – everyone deserves a treat, but not the resulting payback in the form of cramps, bloated tummy and other ‘joys’ of IBS flare ups. If you are still in search for tasty things to put on your Christmas table – you’ve come to the […]

Hangover: Dos and Donts

Christmas time is a season of excitement and anticipation, and while we are looking forward to many gatherings, festive meals and unlimited bubbles, there is one thing that most of us dread (along with a trip to the high-street on the first day of Christmas sales) – a hangover. Everyone knows that the best way […]

IBS-Detox 10 Top Tips

Struggle with traditional festive food? IBS-Detox 10 Top Tips To Help You Cope With The 12 Days Of Christmas! With food playing a central role in most festive celebrations, Christmas can be a difficult time for IBS-D sufferers. Follow these 10 simple steps to ‘go with your gut’ this Festive season… 1. Keep Calm! A new survey from Enterosgel® […]

Top 10 foods to eat to beat the bloat

Today we will talk more about what food we should eat to prevent bloating or when it is already happening because let’s admit… for most of us, even when we feel like we have swallowed a balloon, the hunger doesn’t go anywhere. So what food should I eat when I feel bloated? Here is our […]

The nutritionist’s guide to combatting festive overindulgence

Nutritionist Kym Lang suggests some ways to practice mindful eating this Christmas period. While indulgent festive feasting is one of the joys associated with Christmas, it can take a toll on the tummy in all sorts of ways – most visibly, through bloating and stomach distention while, often, pain, wind and constipation will also come […]

Best supplements for IBS: Five vitamins and minerals to relieve pain and symptoms

BEST supplements for IBS: IBS is a common condition that affects the digestive system, triggering symptoms such as stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhoea. While simple changes to diet and lifestyle are recommended, taking supplements could also help. IBS symptoms tend to come and go over time, and how long they last can vary from days […]

Bloating and Bacterial Dysbiosis

Today in the healthy gut blog we will continue to cover a popular (in a bad way) issue of stomach bloating. In our previous article we looked at common causes for bloating and how to approach them. In simple words, the bloat in your gut is either the air you (unwillingly) swallowed or gas produced […]