How is Enterosgel® different from charcoal

July 26, 2016

ENTEROSGEL®  is an innovative and safe intestinal adsorbent suitable for children and adults and safe for long-term use. Unlike charcoal, and due to it’s unique selective adsorption properties ENTEROSGEL® adsorbs only harmful substances from the gut. It is also more gentle on the mucous membrane and does not penetrate into the intestinal wall or blood stream. ENTEROSGEL® is completely excreted within 12-24 hours. Some studies with ENTEROSGEL® and charcoal have shown that ENTEROSGEL® has higher adsorption capacity towards endo-toxins. Unlike charcoal, ENTEROSGEL® can be also used alongside with other medications.

How is Enterosgel® different from charcoal | For supportive treatment of diarrhoea, allergies and IBS-D