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ENTEROSGEL® is an oral intestinal adsorbent which is clinically proven as an effective adjuvant treatment of diarrhoea, some allergies and IBS-D.

Gastrointestinal adsorbent is a substance, taken to adsorb gases, toxins, and bacteria in the stomach and intestines. It is endowed with the property of attaching other substances to its surface.

Adsorbtion means adhearing or attaching to itself. To be absorbed means to penetrate into something. Thus ENTEROSGEL®  is an intestinal adsorbent and adsorbs harmful substances. However, it is not absorbed into the intestinal wall and does not penetrate into blood stream.

ENTEROSGEL® is composed of an organic mineral and water (70% Polymethilsiloxane and 30% Purified water). It is completely non-allergenic, free from preservatives, gluten, lactose, sugar, taste or color.

ENTEROSGEL® does not contain any ingredients of an animal origin or of products produced from animals. Therefore, ENTEROSGEL® is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

ENTEROSGEL® is easy to take. It has no taste or color. ENTEROSGEL® can be diluted in water or other liquid of the room temperature. It can also be taken off the spoon or a sachet and washed down with the sufficient amount of water. There is no overdosage. Please refer to the dosage on the pack, Patient Information Leaflet or here.

The standard dosage for adults is 1 – 1,5 table spoon of ENTEROSGEL® mixed with water. In cases of severe diarrhea or food poisoning the dose can be doubled and taken after every bowel movement.  Other dosages and recommedations for use can be found here.

ENTEROSGEL® can be taken long-term, because it is not a medicine and not absorbed into the body. It is completely excreted after passing through the gut. ENTEROSGEL® can be used regularly for prophylactic detoxification or long term for conditions where removing of toxins can be beneficial.

ENTEROSGEL® does not contain any active pharmaceutical ingredients and therefore cannot compromise any existing oral medications. It adsorbs only medium and high-weight molecular substances in the gut and does not adsorb medicines. However, it is recommended to take ENTEROSGEL® one hour before or after taking other medications.

In several clinical studies ENTEROSGEL® has been used as an additional part of the treatment in conjunction with other medications.

ENTEROSGEL® tackles possible causes of diarrhoea in the gut, like viruses, bacterial toxins, allergens and pathogens.

No, ENTEROSGEL® unique porous molecule is developed to adsorb only medium and high weight molecular substances, which are harmful (bacterial toxins, viruses, pathogens, allergens), and doesn’t remove water, nutirents, vitamins and good bacteria, which have low molecular weight.

Gastroenteritis: Viral (norovirus, rotovirus), bacterial (E-Coli, food poisoning), Travellers diarrhoea; allergy related diarrhoea, IBS.

ENTEROSGEL® can help reduce the duration of diarrhoea during gastroenteritis. Targeting the cause of gastroenteritis by adsorbing the viruses in the gut, it is an effective adjuvant in treatment of diarrhoea caused by rotovirus and norovirus.

Intestinal adsorbents like ENTEROSGEL® are recommended by the World Health Organisation specialists as a first aid in case of food poisoning (botulism). Intestinal adsorbent ENTEROSGEL® has a high capacity to adsorb toxins produced by bacteria such as E-Coli, Salmonella and Shigella, which can cause traveller’s diarrhoea.

While travelling our gut is more exposed to viruses, allergens, bacterial toxins and pathogens. The mechanism of action behind ENTEROSGEL® is adsorption of such medium-weight harmful substances and normalization of the gut flora. Due to drug-free nature of ENTEROSGEL® it can be also used as prophylactic for the whole family.

In case of food poisoning take double dosage of ENTEROSGEL® and seek for medical help. Take ENTEROSGEL® after every bowel movement during acute diarrhoea and continue with the standard dosage three times a day during 5 more days.

Travellers who suffer from IBS symptoms, like diarrhoea, indigestion, bloating and abdominal pain can also take ENTEROSGEL® regularly while travelling abroad to avoid worsening of their symptoms due to the new food.

Loperamide (opioid drug) acts by slowing bowel movement, and is usually not recommended in case of viral diarrhoea. Loperamide is not recommended for children under 12. Loperamide may cause serious side effects and has various contraindications. Unlike other anti-diarrhoeal medication, ENTEROSGEL® is drug-free and therefore has an excellent safety profile and can be used in patients with other conditions and who take medication. It passes through the gut to bind to substances that could have caused diarrhoea: viruses, allergens, pathogens, bacterial toxins and then it is excreted from the body within 12-24 hours.Suitable for children and adults. There have been no reports of adverse reactions from using ENTEROSGEL® in over 20 years.

Rehydration solutions while an important part of the diarrhoea treatment do not reduce the duration of diarrhoea. ENTEROSGEL®  is an adjuvant in treatment of diarrhoea, which tackles the possible causes of diarrhoea, such as viruses, bacterial toxins, allergens and pathogens, working towards reducing duration of diarhoea in children and adults.

ENTEROSGEL®  is an innovative and safe intestinal adsorbent suitable for children and adults and safe for long-term use. Unlike charcoal, and due to it’s unique selective adsorption properties ENTEROSGEL® adsorbs only harmful substances from the gut. It is also more gentle on the mucous membrane and does not penetrate into the intestinal wall or blood stream. ENTEROSGEL® is completely excreted within 12-24 hours. Some studies with ENTEROSGEL® and charcoal have shown that ENTEROSGEL® has higher adsorption capacity towards endo-toxins. Unlike charcoal, ENTEROSGEL® can be also used alongside with other medications.

There are several different intestinal adsorbents based on the natural silicol or clay. ENTEROSGEL® is based on pure organic mineral called methylsilicic acid. ENTEROSGEL®  does not contain any preservatives and additives, which could cause allergic or toxic reactions. Patented technology of ENTEROSGEL® unique porous 3D molecule allows selective adsorption of only medium-weight harmful substances in the gut, which makes it suitable and safe for long-term use by children and adults. ENTEROSGEL® has an extensive body of post-marketing studies from early markets and excellent safety profile.

ENTEROSGEL® is clinically proven to to treat diarrhoea dominant IBS. ENTEROSGEL® helps to reduce multiple IBS symptoms.

The possible side effect of ENTEROSGEL® is constipation, but this is not a contraindication.

There are no contraindications for taking ENTEROSGEL® by people suffering from chronic gastrointestinal conditions. ENTEROSGEL is a drug-free adjuvant treatment of diarrhoea suitable for long-term use.

Bloating is sometimes a symptom of IBS. Like other intestinal adsorbents ENTEROSGEL® also adsorb gases in the gut, helping to relieve bloating.

The clinical study on ENTEROSGEL® in treatment of IBS symptoms have shown improvement of IBS symptoms, including heartburn, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

Yes, ENTEROSGEL® does not have any nut traces.

Yes, ENTEROSGEL® is gluten free. ENTEROSGEL® can be used by patients diagnosed with coeliac disease in cases of upset stomach.

ENTEROSGEL® has an excellent tolerability and safety profile during 20 years. There have been no reports of adverse reactions. The studies with children have shown the effectiveness and safety. ENTEROSGEL®  is well-tolerated by children.

For children 1-3 years old it is always recommended to ask doctors’ advice first.

Yes, ENTEROSGEL® is a drug-free mineral gel, which is not absorbed into the body and doesn’t contain any preservatives, so ENTEROSGEL® is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It is always important to consult with your GP or midwife if you are unwell during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

ENTEROSGEL® is widely available at pharmacies and other stores including Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, HOLLAND&BARRETT, DayLewis, Well Pharmacy and Superdrug. It is also available online from numerous suppliers including ENTEROSGEL® UK online shop and Amazon.

Yes, ENTEROSGEL® is available in pharmacies and health stores behind the counter or over the counter.  You don’t need a prescription to buy ENTEROSGEL®.

ENTEROSGEL® is available in tube 225g, tube 90g and box of 10 sachets 15g each. Tube 90g is usually enough for 5-6 days treatment of a child taking 5-10 g three times a day. Tube 225g is enough for 5 days treatment of adults, taking 15g three times a day. Each sachet is a single dosage for adults, convenient to have on the go or when travelling. Sachets have the same gel as in the tubes, which can be diluted in water or washed down with the sufficient amount of water.

ENTEROSGEL®  is available in 30 countries throughout all continents, including most of the European countries, and also available in South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Please, e-mail if you can’t find ENTEROSGEL® in your local pharmacy.

No, ENTEROSGEL® is composed of organic mineral and doesn’t contain any ingredients of animal or plant origin. For this reason, ENTEROSGEL® doesn’t need any preservatives and doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge.

Close the lid thoroughly to avoid drying out of the gel and use it within 30 days after opening the tube.

ENTEROSGEL® was developed in 1980-s and has been available as an over-the-counter treatment since 1996 in other countries. Since then millions of patients have been treated with ENTEROSGEL®. Over 20,000 patients have been treated during the clinical studies on efficacy of ENTEROSGEL®.

100 doses of ENTEROSGEL® per second are taken in the world. 6 millions tubes are sold every year in Europe.  During this time there have been no reported incidences of over dosage, systemic side effects or adverse reactions related to use of ENTEROSGEL®. Most of patients have experienced significant improvement after the treatment with ENTEROSGEL®.

ENTEROSGEL® is a drug-free treatment and therefore does not cause any systemic side effects. The possible side effects are associated with constipation or nausea. It is recommended to drink more water during the treatment with ENTEROSGEL®.

ENTEROSGEL® is also free from preservatives and allergens and therefore is completely non-allergenic.

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